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 Primary Features


1. The Ecosystem can guide students through the design process, in a structured fashion, support the learning of proper design techniques, and help eliminate design oversights (productivity interruptions)

      • Provides friendly, real-time advisories (also aimed at stimulating creativity).
      • Supports the generic ABET learning objectives for engineering design.

ScoringReport-AllPhases ScoringReport-ReqGathering FormattedScoringReport

2. Automatic & objective assessment (scoring) of the design activities relative to the design process

      • Real-time feedback provided to the designers.
      • The students and instructor can avoid spending time on elementary oversights, and instead focus on higher-level learning and problem solving.
      • Despite the automation, the Ecosystem does in no way diminish the engineering judgement developed throughout the learning experience.
      • The Ecosystem offers a systematic way of capturing the rationale supporting engineering decisions throughout the design process.

FunctionalDecomposition.Beginning FunctionalDecomposition.Early FunctionalDecomposition.Final

3. Multiple features aimed at facilitating communications within design teams or with external stakeholders

      • Seamless access to design files stored on Google Drive.
      • Support for team communications utilizing Dropbox.
      • Automatic generation of formatted project reports.

GoogleSync GoogleSearchResults SampleProjectReports

4. For student teams, the Ecosystem can greatly facilitate project and part management

      • The Ecosystem provides the student teams with tabs for risk identification, scheduling & resource planning, bill of material, parts & assembly, manufacturing options, cost analysis, etc.
      • Seamless interfaces with development tools, such as SolidWorks, CATIA and the e-Drawings Viewer.

ScheduleResourcesTab Solidworks.BeforeOpening SolidWorks.AfterOpening

5. Electronic journal of the comprehensive design history

6. 6-month free evaluation period for participants in our Beta program

      • Otherwise, 30 days
      • To sign up for the Beta program, contact us


7. Support for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Machintosh

8. Easy access to tutorial samples, demonstrations, and the User Manual

Imagars is committed to further enhancements of the Ecosystem software. We are willing to consider a variety of avenues, for this purpose. If you have recommendations for a future enhancement, you are welcome to contact us at